"I hear you need a website.........."

I build "easy websites". This page and site you are reading was built by me. I can create personal, simple and fast to update, template driven sites like these:







As you can see these can be one or more pages, and vary in complexity.

Sites like these require a domain name (the "yourname.co.uk" bit). To by the name can cost between £5 - £20, and somewhere on-line to "host" the site this can cost around £50 per annum.

These all live on my computer and are sent to the web once complete. The downside is that you need to send you content to me, for me to fiddle with and then upload, so there is always a slight time delay on these template driven sites.

Can I do it my self?

Absolutely! If I can, anyone can! I have been looking at other easy ways to "throw up" easy but robust sites, and it might be worth your while looking at
www.yola.com, or the web publishing section at www.airset.com. I made the following sites using Airset for myself and others to publish content to easily:






There are lots of other providers of online web publishing solutions, for instance google, squarespace, the list goes on and on. Just do a google search for "build a website online". Alternatively, if you own a Macintosh there is the very easy iWeb application built in, very easy and stylish!

"What do I need to do?"

If you want me to do it, in terms of building, it's really straight forward:

1/ send me a Word document containing a title for each page wanted,

2/ on each page add the text and images in the order that you want to give me an idea of how you would like the online layout to work

3/ We purchase a domain name and hosting space.

4/ I upload to the internet for you to view and give your feedback on.

"OK Shayley, How Much??"

I know "real" designers charge hundreds or even thousands, but then they are offering a very bespoke service. If I could afford it I would get them to do my site for me!

If you would like me to make your site for you, I can build a simple functional site for the bargain price of £60 for your first (or only page) each page on the site thereafter £20 per page, plus domain name and hosting costs if applicable.

Also included, as a bonus, all updates and minor edits as a free service for the life of the site. All I would ask of you in return, if you think this might be beneficial, is to tell your friends and colleagues.

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